Which major gym franchise in Australia is best suited to you? It is a difficult choice to pick a gym that will help you to achieve your fitness goals.

Once it's locked in, you have to stay committed. So what sort of environment do you want to be in? What sort of training can you sustain?

There are many questions to consider but, ultimately, your choice will depend on these three important factors:

  • Your financial situation: How much money can and would you like to invest? What services provide the best bang for your buck? What sort of training do you want to pay for?
  • Convenience of the location: Do you want to pop in and out before or after work? Are you looking for somewhere that is open all-hours or has morning classes?
  • How much of your time will be invested into your fitness training: No lock-in contract or lock-in contract? Workout with or without a friend? Will it align with your daily routine?

These are all important questions that you should think about when considering which gym to join. We’ve created a guide to make it easier for you.



Types of workout/training available



  • 1 month- $56 p/w
  • 3 months- $60 p/w
  • 6 months- $55 p/w

  • Team Training, with two personal trainers
  • 27 unique 45 minute HIIT, Circuit or Functional Training workouts that aim to have you reach high fat burn and lean muscle

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Fitness First

Platinum memberships

  • 3 months- $33 p/w
  • 12 months- $28 p/w
  • 18 months- $26 p/w

Passport memberships

  • 3 months- $28 p/w
  • 12 months- $23 p/w
  • 18 months- $21 p/w

Joining free $75

  • Variety of group exercise classes such as boxing, CXWORX and HIIT
  • facilities including indoor pool, sauna, gym floor with bike racks etc

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Base membership- $8.95 p/w (includes equipment, $5 extra charge if want to do classes)

Peak membership- $12.95 p/w, bring someone in free, $99 enrolment fee

No contract

  • 49 different classes
  • Quality equipment
  • Personal training

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Anytime Fitness

$16.95 p/w, $160 enrolment fee and lock in contract

  • Equipment
  • Personal training

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Fit ’n’ Fast

  • Qmax 12 month commitment- $21.95 p/w
  • Qmax no commitment- $26.95 p/w
  • Blue 12 month commitment- $17.95 p/w
  • Blue no commitment- $22.95 p/w
  • Weight-lifting machines
  • Free weights and cardio equipment
  • QMAX functional training area Virtual classes

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Jetts Gym

$12.95 per week mates rates with no lock in contract or

$14.95 per week individual member

  • No classes
  • Weight lifting equipment Cardiovascular machines
  • Floor space
  • Some offer outdoor classes
  • Personal training

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Table: The membership cost, type of training available and location for some of Australia’s popular gym franchises

The cost of joining one of these franchises varies depending on the location and type of membership. Class times are also subject to change, as well as the facilities and services depending on the location of the gym you join.

An added bonus 

Although they cost extra, there are additional services offered by the aforementioned gyms that may prompt you to amp up your level of fitness this year. F45 offers a 10-Week Body Transformation Program and an eight-week challenge, where nutritionists plan your meals in an online program and you follow them through ongoing meal-prepping.

Each gym has personal trainers to help keep you on track with nutrition, workouts, and many other services, such as Fernwood’s operation wedding dress and strength training for women programs to suit whatever you desire.

Now, let’s play a game!

Read each scenario, pick which one mostly describes yourself and then scroll down to the end to find out which gym suits you.

  1. You are a busy career person or student with a well-paying job. You couldn’t think of any better way to start your day than a 6am 45 minute high intensity workout. For you, it means you can attend attend to the 1000 other responsibilities you have whilst still being able to maintain a great fitness level.
  1. You like a good workout, but you also occasionally like to make time for a sneaky sauna session or a competitive game of outdoor tennis. You are family-orientated, probably attend the gym with another family member.
  1. Feisty, fun workouts for the same price as a meal at Mcdonald’s? That’s enough to finally have you get back into the world of fitness. You’re most likely an independent young one that doesn’t want to sacrifice the extra dollar so you plan to achieve your fitness goals at your own level and at a cheap price. This doesn't reflect on your understanding on muscle building and training though. You're the type of person who knows which brand of protein to put in your shake and when to take it. In saying this, you also love to travel therefore you need flexibility in your membership to allow your crazy adventures to take place.
  1. You treasure your time at the gym; you may even be a fitness fanatic. You would never use your age as an excuse to miss out on a workout or two. In fact, you can probably keep up with a lot of the young ones. The time invested into having your unique fitness needs met gives you energy others wish they had!
  1. Male dominated gyms are intimidating to you, especially bulky men with biceps you would rather see on the weekend at the beach. You choose to shed those calories in a supportive environment with like-minded women. Being at this gym encourages you to accept your body shape and prioritise your health in the midst of your life’s juggling act.
  1. You’re gym obsessed, a busy atmosphere doesn't disrupt your focus, so long as you can have at least 30 minutes on the bench press. You tend to be consistent with your workouts for, for you, it means sweating it out and catching up with your mates in the process.
  1. You’re there rain, hail or shine; in this case, morning, night, midnight or sunrise. Even though you are always short on time, you never skip your daily dose of adrenaline pumping activity at the gym. That is what keeps you going!

Your gym of choice is...

1 = F45

2 = Next Generation

3 = Crunch

4 = Fitness First

5 = Body Shape, Fern wood or curves

6 = Snap fitness or Anytime fitness

7 = Jetts Fitness

If you're not confident enough to go and buy a membership, trial them out first. If you’re still not satisfied, there are other options that you probably never knew about.

Some special Sydney mentions

Sydney’s hidden and exciting gyms are everywhere. Some include Vicious Cycle classes in Kensington and outdoor group fitness, such as East Side Crew that train along the shores of Bronte. Relax and stretch your muscles doing yoga at Flow Athletic in Paddington, and let out your stress at a body pump class at North Shore gym in Lane Cove.

So which gym will get you going?