How to Start This Year With 2020 Vision

How to Start This Year With 2020 Vision

Whether it was between Christmas or New Year's Eve, we hope you found some time in between the holidays' craziness to reflect over the past year. If you haven't, this is the time.

Regardless of where 2019 took you, allowing space for ourselves to appreciate both the wins and defeats is crucial. Not only is doing this a trait of successful people, but gratitude and some well-deserved praise go hand in hand with self-care and personal growth.

The thing is, this state of reflection helps us acknowledge our trajectory in the timeline we call life and gives us insight into where we should be heading next during 2020.

As we find ourselves at the beginning of -not only a new year but a new decade, we made it our goal to create a list of five things we would recommend looking into for 2020. So you can start this year with a renewed mindset, and set a solid base for an incredible decade ahead!

Welcome to the 20s, old sport.


#1 Declutter

Have you ever seen the show Hoarders? In case you haven’t, it documents cases of people that accumulate things at home. From people keeping newspapers since the early 80s to mountains of random objects. The saddest part is that it's extremely hard for them to let go. And the truth is, sometimes we can also be hoarders. Our first tip is to declutter, to let go of any useless baggage that you’re storing. This goes from the things inside your house, but also those within you. We don’t want to enter this new year with pockets full of things, emotions or people we don’t need. We want to create space for better and bigger things to come.

#2 Upgrade

One of the few things the app world has taught us has been to update. But how does this translate to the real world? Pretty easy. Treat yourself to brand new gadgets. It could be a new computer, smartphone, or a smartwatch. At the same time don’t be afraid to upgrade by investing in software or apps. Some examples are phone apps such as Superhuman (email management), Shine text (mental health), Pocketbook (budgeting).

#3 In & outward

As we push through new limits this 2020, a few push-ups along the way wouldn't hurt (too much). Another recommendation is to try to get active. Life can get overwhelming and monotonous. One great way to change this is through exercise. Begin by going for a walk, or a hike once a week. Then go for that morning run you've been thinking of for a while. It is a fact endorphins released through physical activities help decrease anxieties, stress, and depression. Remember, you're doing this for yourself, for your health, and to make this year the one where that gym membership gets used...

At the same time, we'll have to give a look inside and focus on what's happening with our thoughts and emotions. An inner scan does the trick, create a space where you can touch base with your present. Practicing yoga, meditation and mindfulness can relieve a lot of accumulated tension. It also helps set the tone for the day or ease unexpected stressful situations.


#4 Cut the crap

This one goes to everyone out there that enjoys a night snack. We get it, never has food been tastier. But perhaps it's better to say no to that deep-fried cinnamon cake. Think of all the good things an improved diet can provide. More energy, fewer mood swings, extra focus, and no more feeling bloated. Removing starchy foods from your diet (bread, tortillas, cereal, and pasta) can be a start. Replacing them with more veggies and fruits is the solution. Which alternatively, helps reduce chances of heart issues, diabetes, and even cancer! So how about that for a change? Get on the wagon of clean eating, do like us and instead of a morning muffin with a cappuccino, have an apple and a Shine shot. Yum.

#5 Time to Upskill

It’s easy to fall into pretences of thinking you know it all. But at fast pace ever-changing times, we should never stop thinking of self-development. Read a new book, listen to an educational podcast, keep learning, and stay active. Enroll in that part-time course, learn how to cook, and go to that conference. After all, there’s so much to learn and experience!... If you’ve taken into heart some of our previous points, you’ll already be on the way of transforming your life. And we're proud of you for taking the first steps to upskill as a professional, friend, partner and human.

In times of change, whether it's positive or not, we always have the chance to decide where we want to go from there. And sure, a new year brings that fresh start we are all looking for.

So start here with a few of our tips. Then, go out and embrace the good things YOU will make for yourself this new year. Don’t forget to grab a Shine on the way as you push through new limits and places this 2020.


by Hector Zepeda