Whether you’ve just started your first year at uni, halfway through your degree or about to finish it, you’ve probably realised that holding down a part-time job, as well as maintaining high grades, isn’t as simple as it sounds. But earning money doesn’t necessarily mean that your grades and sanity have to suffer.

Below are some out of the box ways you can earn money that won’t take up all your time and energy.

Seasonal Bar Work

So you might think that getting a job at a bar isn’t anything new and you’re right, it’s not. But not all bar work means working long, late nights five days a week. There are several companies who hire staff for seasonal work. This could mean working at a stadium when an event is on, or you working at the races during racing season.

The great thing about this is that you’ll only be needed to work when an event is on. Not only would that mean less time spent working and more time to focus on uni, but because the hospitality industry pays a decent wage, you can afford to only work once or twice every week.

Generally, each stadium has it’s own recruitment process so you’re best off contacting them directly. For bar work at the races, The Australian Turf Club is the company to get into contact with.

Not only do these places have great vibes, but you can also count on making a few extra dollars through tips too.

Pro: You don’t need to work a huge amount to earn a decent amount of money

Con: You’ll need to take an RSA and RCG course to legally work in the bars, if you don’t already have one.

Rent a Friend

Yep, it’s actually a thing.

Rent a Friend is a community that allows you to rent a ‘friend’ to just hang out, learn a new hobby off, or even just someone to talk on the phone to. It’s not a dating website and users are not allowed to use it for that purpose. It’s quite simple to sign up and become a ‘friend’ and the great thing about this is that you get to set the amount you get paid with the person you’re spending the time with. Not only does this mean that you also get to interact and make new friends, but you can get paid for doing some pretty awesome activities.

Obviously, you need to also use your initiative with this one and make sure that you’re comfortable with the situations you are hired for.

Pro: You get your weekly social fix while getting paid at the same time

Con: Stranger Danger!

Music Reviews

Similar to survey websites, music review websites pay you to listen to music. It’s great if you love finding new sounds and the best part is that you can have the music playing while doing other things at the same time. Each website varies in how much they pay you to listen and or review the song. While it’s generally not a lot of money, after a while it will add up. The best ones to check out and sign up to are, Music Xray, Radio loyalty and Slice the pie. The other great thing about this is that you can do it in the comfort of your home.

Pro: Great way to earn money and find hot new music at the same time.

Con: You don’t get paid a huge amount.

Mystery Shopper

Getting paid to shop? Dreams really do come true!

For all my soul sisters and misters who love to shop until they drop, this is the job for you. The great thing about this job is that you decide if you want to accept an assignment, which takes the pressure off if you aren’t available to do it regularly. Each assignment will require you to gather information about the store and the overall experience you have in it. Some jobs require you to purchase products with your own money that gets reimbursed back to you later.

Some companies advertise these jobs on so keep your eyes out, or why not apply on Retail Mystery Shopping Australia’s website.

Pro: Like I said, you’re getting paid to shop…

Con: Could lead to the temptation of spending money after being exposed to lots of products.