To share better aussie energy with the world, sparking a brighter future for everyone to think. feel. do. better.


Founded in 2016, Shine is an award-winning brand and one of Australia’s fastest-growing beverage businesses offering unique drinks delivering ‘better energy’.

At the core of the Shine product ranges are natural nootropics. The age-old ingredients we include in our recipe have been scientifically proven to energise and awaken the mind. All Shine products use natural ingredients and are no or low sugar, this positions Shine as a healthy alternative to traditional energy drinks.

As a team, we work hard to ensure each Shine product delivers on health, taste and functionality, driven by our mission to help people think, feel and do better.

Uniquely positioned across both ‘better for you’ and ‘energy’ drink sectors, Shine is available for purchase online, and at over 7,000 outlets across Australia.



Sam Prince is a medical doctor, philanthropist and accomplished entrepreneur, whose success relies on being intrinsically driven to innovate and solve problems.

Sam’s wealth of experience, scientific approach and guidance catapulted Shine from an idea, to Australia’s first nootropic drink available in thousands of retailers, in just a few years. As Chairman, Sam continues to challenge the Shine team to obsess over our product, the evidence behind it, and the ways that we can help people think, feel and do better.

Sam’s portfolio to date includes Zambrero, Next Practice, One Disease, Sam Prince Hospitality Group, Zapid Hire, and Shine. His numerous accolades include being named ‘Australian of the Year’ for the ACT and EY National and Regional Social Entrepreneur of the Year.  

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