As papers, exams and projects start building up throughout the semester, it’s easy to put your chores on the back burner. These chores probably include going to the supermarket, doing laundry, and especially cleaning your room. For all of the messy people out there (you know who you are), this one’s for you!

Don’t tell me to clean my room, its MY room!

Everyone has their own standards of messy and clean. For some people, a little mess doesn’t affect them, but for others, they can’t let one thing get out of place. However, it is important to think of your room as your sanctuary. It is your sacred haven that’s the one place in the world that’s your own space. You go to your room when you want peace. How can you find peace when clothes are thrown all over the floor, textbooks and papers are sprawled all over your desk, and your bed is unmade?

Cleaning your room opens up thinking and breathing room. You want your room to reflect a calm and orderly atmosphere for when you’re stressed, and a room that looks like a hurricane rolled through it will not help. These five tips will get you on your way to have a stress-free lifestyle - in and out of your bedroom

1) Make your bed every day!

Making your bed is such a little thing to make your room more organised! And the best part is, it only takes about five minutes every morning. Getting into a bed where the sheets are sprawled everywhere does not set you up for a good night’s sleep. However, when you come home after a long day of burying your head in the books, there’s nothing better than crawling into a bed with crisp, flat sheets, and fluffed pillows. Falling asleep in an orderly manner, will help you wake up ready for the day.

2) Folders, bins, and shelves!

These are your friends! Keeping papers in folders, bulky items in bins, and books stacked on shelves will organise the space in your room and prevent clutter! Labelling is also another one of your friends. Label everything you use to store your personal items. This way you can know how to find all of the things you put away without having to tear through anything and create more of a mess.

3) Clean closets

Even some people who have clean rooms have messy closets. It’s the common belief that once the closet doors are closed it doesn’t matter how messy the closet is, just as long as the visible parts of your room are clean! However, this is not the case. After making your bed, opening your closet is one of the first things you do in the morning. If those doors open and clothes are falling off of the hangers, and shoes are thrown all over the floor, then you will not be set up for success. Also, it will probably take you a lot longer than necessary to find that perfect outfit you’re looking for.

4) You have a washing basket for a reason

Most uni students try and utilise their inner LeBron James when chucking their dirty clothes in the laundry bin. However, as most of them are not world renowned basketball players, they tend to miss and the clothes end up crumpled on the floor. They also tend to not pick these clothes off of the floor and put them in the washing basket. Rather, they will stay on the floor and continuously be sniffed to understand if they smell clean enough to wear.

Don’t fret, there is an easy solution to this conundrum. Save the basketball for the court, and just put your clothes directly in the washing basket. This way, your confidence won’t dwindle when you miss the three-pointer into the laundry bin, and more importantly, all of your dirty clothes will be in one place. 

5) Once you can see the floor again, VACUUM!

Once you have completed all of the above steps and the floor is finally visible again, it’s time to break out the vacuum. When things have been on the floor for a while it causes dust to accumulate. This dust can cause you to become congested and trigger those hay fever demons. This stuffiness in your room won’t create the safe haven you need when you come home after a long day. Whip out the vacuum and take it for a spin around your room. It’s amazing what your floor will look like when it’s a shade brighter.

Once you complete these essential steps, you’ll notice not only a difference with how your room looks, but also how it feels. Everything you do in life influences your success. Start with a clean room, and see what a difference it can make throughout your day.

It’s easy to get lazy and push cleaning your room to the bottom of your to do list. That’s where shine+ comes in. Drink a bottle of shine+ and realign your focus to getting this simple task done. Knocking one back before you make your bed in morning will not only give you the energy to do so, but will also prepare you for your biggest moments throughout the day.

Words by Sarah Saven