Get yourself some Shine at your nearest 7/11

It’s that time of the year, Christmas is right around the corner, warm weather is upon us, and our team at Shine HQ are celebrating, because… *drumroll*  You can now buy Shine 400ml (regular and extra caffeine) in 7/11 stores! 

Yes, you can now get your favorite nootropic drink at most 7/11 shops. Oh and one more thing, this summer you’ll be able to taste the fruitiest most tropical Shine to date! Introducing our newest flavor, Shine Peach & Passionfruit (exclusive for 7/11 stores).

nootropic drink, Shine peach and passionfruit

Win, win win!

To celebrate this new flavour we decided to give away free 12 packs! So if you spot a Shine at any 7/11 store go ahead and take a photo, upload it to Instagram and tag @shinedrink for a chance to win free Shine!

We know, we are also very excited about this! Now, go ahead and find the nearest 7/11. Go, go go go!


P.S. if you can't find us in any nearby stores, let us know (email and we will ensure more stock is delivered ASAP.


Keep shining!

Shine HQ