Whether it’s your high school or university final exams wrapping up, or getting a holiday off from your job, you’re going to be facing a lot of free time this coming summer break. While kicking back with your friends and grabbing a drink every day might seem comfortable and appealing, you have the rest of the year to do that! Let’s explore some ways to get you out of your comfort zone, and make the most of the beautiful weather of the summer holidays.

The great escape

The city life is always busy, but especially so during the summer holidays. Public transport is cramped, shops are full and queues are long. So, why not go somewhere quieter for a change of scenery. There is no better time that Summer to explore the less populated areas of the country. A great place to start for Sydney-siders could be out West at Dubbo, going cycling around the popular Dubbo Zoo. While certainly a more popular location than most it will definitely be quieter than the City around holiday time, and would no doubt be a new experience. If you’re looking for something a little quieter, you could always visit a ski-resort during the summer. You can experience the mountains you know and love in another season, and no doubt with far less people around.

Get your blood pumping

Have you ever wanted to try something really crazy? Something that could get your adrenaline rushing, which puts you out of your comfort zone? Take that step this summer! It could be something as common as skydiving or parachuting for the first time. You might even want to get more extreme and try your hand at bungee jumping or hang gliding. Either way, sounds much more exciting than sitting around all day playing games or drinking. Not that they aren’t fun, but this is a completely new change of pace!

The travel bug

This is the most obvious way to maximise your summer vacation, but it’s still a good one to mention. If you’re lucky enough to have the spare money lying around, or have been saving for a while, why not plan to travel overseas? Getting to experience summer in another country could be an amazing experience. If you aren’t a fan of the Aussie heat, or heat in general, you could even go spend summer in the Northern Hemisphere and have a white Christmas! Either way, the long summer holidays would be the best time to get out of the country and explore what the world has to offer.

Local exploration

So, you might not have the money to go on a huge trip overseas. Maybe you don’t have the heart, or stomach, for some of the more extreme ideas measured. Don’t fret! There is probably something cool in your local area you haven’t tried yet. It could be as simple as a new restaurant in the area that just opened up, or maybe a local park with walking tracks you’ve never explored. You could mix up your daily exercise regime and try to find new routes to go running along. There are definitely a plethora of ideas to explore even if you are confined to your seemingly boring home town: just think hard and be creative!

Summer holidays are the time for fun and adventure, so make sure you make the most of the time while you can. You don’t want to have lingering thoughts of what could have been as the vacation comes to an end, so take the initiative and go maximise your summer break!