Do you want a drive that will help you to achieve a state of productivity and excellence every day?

To reach our greatest potential, we must dedicate time to rituals that allow a healthy start for the mind and body. Ask any successful CEO, senior manager or high-level professional: undertaking healthy habits, like exercise and meditation, can help to raise your rate of success. Here is a few ideas of some morning rituals that will help you keep you on your game from the moment you wake up.

Power up with steak and nuts

Giving your body the nutrients it needs is just as important as having a clear mind if you want to have a successful day.

Be sure to give your body the necessary fuel it needs for replenishment and energy for the rest of your day. Think outside of the box when it comes to choosing the menu for this important meal. For example, a meal known for being a breakfast for ‘champions’ is the steak and nut breakfast; a combination of your choice of meat and nuts. The meat gives a steady rise in blood sugar, where as the fat in the nuts allow the blood sugar to stay in the bloodstream for longer. This will give you a prolonged burst of focus and stamina.   

...Or keep the tank empty

An interesting shake up to your eating plan is to not eat breakfast at all. shine+’s Stephen Chapman frequently uses fasting as a brain cleanse. The idea is that your meals are timed, beginning with the first meal of the day at around 12pm. Eating less doesn’t mean you have to change your diet; you just cut down on the amount that you eat, meaning that you will consume fewer calories overall.

For further information, experienced faster James Clear provides in-depth descriptions and a guide to intermittent fasting, which can be found here and here.

Check your mirrors and move forward

Sometimes people lose focus of what is most important to them. A gratitude journal puts an emphasis on personal growth and achievement. It will help you to understand the importance of humility and to find the positivity in everyday life.

Visualising success is a great way of raising self-confidence. Writing in the mornings is a great technique to clear your mind before a busy work day. This is why reflecting on the things we have accomplished in life can not only keep us grounded, but help us cope with the haze of the future.

Stay calm and collected

According to a recent study by Dr. James E. Stahl and his team of Harvard researchers, meditation is a cost-effective and extremely useful way of obtaining cognitive behavioural skills and stress relief (Wei, 2015). In addition, other research reviews found meditation can help treat mental illness, including anxiety or depression, as well as help with creativity, focus, and one’s connection with their inner self. If it can impact your choices for the rest of the day, why not commence the morning with feelings of calm and zen?

Say no to being Socially Savvy!

Switching off or avoiding any form of social media first thing in the morning can be difficult for most who have an addiction to technology, but it is the best thing for you. The brain experiences peak performance during the first few hours in the morning after a good night’s sleep. Instead of wasting time scrolling through Instagram, try to break free from your phone in the morning by leaving it away from your room and work environment. The best way to overcome this is to leave it in a space that is unobtainable to you while you go about your morning rituals.

An extra treat: Tim Ferriss’ morning rituals

Tim Ferriss, an author, entrepreneur and public speaker spends every morning doing these five things:

  • makes his bed
  • meditates for 21 minutes
  • hangs from a pull up bar for a 30 minutes
  • makes himself a titanium tea
  • cultivates gratitude by writing in his journal for five minutes

The way in which you begin your day will determine how the rest of your life unfolds. If you commit yourself to a morning ritual that suits your lifestyle and that challenges you, you will be apt for the best results. Take ownership of your life and empower yourself by performing these beneficial habits that should invigorate you to take action the moment you rise and shine!


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