Here at shine+, we’ve extensively covered the cognitive benefits of ginger, but we haven't touched on ginger's versatility in the kitchen. Whether you're a master chef, or just learning the nuts and bolts of cooking, ginger is not only easy to use, but also adds a kick of flavour to any meal. With the winter months rapidly approaching, let's look at three healthy uses for ginger to keep you warm.

Sipping on spices

Tea is one of the most consumed beverages around the world. Its variety of flavours and flexibility make it a perfect starting point for experimenting with ginger. Looking for a drink to warm you up? You can cut up some ginger and add it to boiling water. The strength of the tea is dependent on how much ginger you use, and no amount is right or wrong, making it a flexible option. If you’re looking for some extra flavour, add in some honey or lemon.

If you're keen to make your own pot of tea, there are a variety of tea recipes online - here is a favourite of mine. However, if making your own isn’t your cup of tea, it's easy to find ginger tea in any supermarket or tea store, catering to all tastes and budgets. No matter which way you choose to go about it, ginger tea is accessible.

So, why ginger tea? As we mentioned in our previous article on ginger, it has been proven to enhance brain levels of serotonin, a brain transmitter tied to mood. So not only is ginger tea a tasty, healthy option, it also provides a soothing and relaxing effect to the drinker. All of these benefits should hopefully present a strong case as to why you should try ginger tea!!

Soothing and warming

Are you a soup connoisseur and looking for a new style to spice things up? Or is Campbell's Chunky Beef not tickling your fancy? Well, you’ll be happy to know that ginger and soup go hand-in-hand!

Ginger soup usually involves combining a variety of healthy vegetables together to produce a nutritious and satisfying dish. Common partnering ingredients can include carrots, onions, garlic, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, and apples. These ingredients offer a variety of flavours for you to experiment with and achieve the best balance.

Soup is one of the easiest, most versatile things you can make at home, so it makes sense that ginger would be a fantastic component for one!

Our friend Guy Fieri at Food Network has a delicious and easy recipe for Ginger-Carrot soup. Try it out here and let us know it goes!

Fry it up

Stir-fries are a tasty, healthy and flexible dish with minimal time investment. If you’ve had lots of stir-fry before, you can probably vouch for how flavoursome ginger is as an accompanying spice.

Part of the flexibility of a stir-fry isn’t just in the veggies and meat, but also the seasonings and sauces used. Some might prefer a sweeter dish, while others use ginger to create a spicier stir-fry experience. If the latter sounds appealing, why not give it a shot? Here is a great recipe to get you started with. 

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Words by Hayden Fitzgerald