Why is Shine+ a ‘functional’ beverage? 

Shine+ is a functional beverage because the ingredients are extensively research backed and have been shown in independent, peer-reviewed studies to benefit the mind and body.

Nootropics.. sounds technical. What exactly are they?

Nootropics are compounds that enhance mental performance, memory recall or learning capabilities with no adverse side effects.  Shine+ uses a number of evidence-based, natural nootropics.  

What ingredients are in Shine+?

+ Caffeine
+ Gingko Biloba
+ Siberian Ginseng
+ Green Tea Extract (extract method boosts L-Theanine)
+ Turmeric
+ Ginger
+ Vitamin B6 + B12

What's the science behind Shine+?

For those curious about the science behind Shine, we've summarised the most recent scientific research on our ingredients.  Just click here!

What does Shine+ taste like?

Shine has a refreshing ginger/lemon taste.
Everyone tastes it a little differently though. Some of our customers note a hint of Turmeric that comes through, or a touch of spice for a light tingle at the back of your throat. Try for yourself and let us know what you think! 

How often should I drink Shine+? 

We recommend one per day.

How do I drink Shine+?

Shine is designed to be consumed in one sitting, 30 minutes before your big moment. This will allow your body plenty of time to start breaking down the ingredients and reaping the benefits, ensuring that you are indeed, #readytoshine

Where do I store Shine+? 

Shine+ should be kept out of direct sunlight, but does not need refrigerating. Although if you don't finish it in one sitting  (which we recommend for best results), it's best to put it in the fridge after opening. 

How many calories/kJ are there in one serving?

One bottle of Shine+ contains 25cal/106kJ

How many serves per bottle?

One. Each Bottle is 110mL. 

Does Shine+ contain artificial colours or flavours?

Shine is proud that we are 100% free of artificial flavours and/or colours.

Is Shine+ GMO Free? 

Yes! Shine is GMO Free. 

Is Shine+ Gluten Free? 

Yes! Shine is Gluten  Free. 

Where can I order Shine+?

If you’re ready to shine, click here to order online or here for our stockists.

What's the shipping policy?

Standard shipping times apply

Standard metro: 1-3 business days
National: 3-5 business days
We do offer Express Shipping for an additional cost. In peak times our courier service may face slight delays. We try to avoid this, but if you think your order is M.I.A let us know  here

Theres a problem with my order/I want to change my order. How do I do this?

If there is an issue with your order please let us know! Click here to get in contact with us. Please make sure to include your order details (Order Number/Name/Address).

What is the ‘Greatness Guarantee’?

We want to be the fuel for your greatness, helping you be ready for your big moment. Your success is our success, and your failure is our failure.
If you don’t perform as well as hoped in your big moment after taking Shine+, write to us here and we’ll refund the total amount of your purchase.

How do I become a Stockist?

Shine+ is always looking to expand into new stores! If you’re interested in becoming a stockist or wholesaler for Shine+ - then please get in contact with us by clicking here.

I love Shine+. How do I become an ambassador?

We are always on the lookout for brand partners and ambassadors who live and breathe the hustle. If you think we share similar passions, please get in touch with us here. Just remember to use the subject heading “AMBASSADOR”

Is Shine+ made in Australia?

Yes - Proudly so! 

Still got questions? Send us an email here