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We exist to help people feel better, think better and do better - to rid the world of bad energy.

Behind the Bottle

Why we got started

Founders Steve Chapman and Dr Sam Prince set out in 2016 to create a healthy drink with natural ingredients to help people feel better and be more productive and focused.

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are ingredients good for the mind.

Natural Nootropics & Ingredients in Shine+

Ginkgo Biloba

Natural Caffeine

Green Tea



B Vitamins

In the bottle

Discover the power of nootropics

Shine Drinks contain natural nootropics and ingredients shown to help with mental clarity, concentration and focus.

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Shine+ 100ml Shots
Shine+ 100ml Shots
Shine+ 100ml Shots
Shine+ 100ml Shots
Shine+ 100ml Shots
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Full of natural nootropics, low sugar and a tasty Ginger Lemon flavour, the Shine+ 100ml Shot is the perfect healthy drink to sharpen your mind on-the-go.

Hear what our customers say about shine+

Wow It Actually Works! I loved everything about the 400ml wild tropical flavour of the shine+ drink, I can't believe it actually works & it gave me the energy & alertness I needed.


I have my Shine in the afternoon when I would generally get my 2.30-itis. It tastes great, gives me that pep I need to keep going full strength and has some of the crucial Vitamins I know I need.

Wendy F.

First Time I Tried It I Loved It! Hadn't tried the new Shine Wild Tropical before & was blown away by its great taste . Refreshingly tangy for me!

Steve E.


If you're not drinking shine, you're not reaching your potential.

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