6 Smart Ways to Open a Bottle of Shine+

Recently, we've had a lot of feedback from our loyal shine+ drinkers that the bottle lids are too tight.

If you've been unable to open the bottles or have noticed the new levels of difficulty, we are very sorry. We have investigated why this suddenly started occurring and have resolved it.

However, to help in the meantime, we've have compiled a list of ways to unlock your bottle of shine. 

1. Straight brute force

A simple technique that utilises a substantial amount of clenching, this approach requires you to summon your innermost physical strength. We also recommend drinking one bottle of shine+ before attempting this approach (if possible).

2. Use a shirt or rag

Usually the go to for most tight lids, the shirt or gives extra traction enabling you to get a firmer grip on the lid. However, this often has to be combined with the previously mentioned brute force technique.  

3. Apply hot water

Another classic in the mix, this technique has been used on plenty of spaghetti sauce jars. The plastic lid will conduct heat better than the glass, expanding and in-turn, become far easier to remove. 

Word of warning - don't use boiling water. The drastic change in heat may lead to the glass cracking and all that liquid gold pouring down the sink. 

4. Employ the Boyfriend or Dad

If you're not feeling up to it, compliment on your partners or dads large arms before letting them have an attempt. Give them extra points if they do it without a rag or shirt.

If all the above attempts have failed, it's time to start experimenting.

5. The "Shining" Mind

Now this is still in experimental phase and our CEO has been trying for the past two weeks. But, if you've explored all physical options it's time to use your brain in the technique we call "Shining" mind. 

I can't guarantee this will work, but if you stare at your bottle with enough intent, perhaps the lid will simply... fall off. 

6. Other?

Send us a video to win free shine+

If you work out another way, however hilarious or smart it may be, please tag us in the video or send it to hq@shinedrink.com. We will feature the best ones on our social media accounts and in our newsletter. The entries (as decided by us) that we feature will win a 24 pack of shine+.

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