In 2015 when results of a number of studies were released that showed certain ingredients and compounds (known as 'Nootropics') can assist cognitive function and mental clarity, Dr Sam Prince and Stephen Chapman began developing Australia's first Nootropic Drink to help people feel better, think better and do better.

our mission

We exist to help people think, feel and do better. To rid the world of bad energy.

Meet The Founders

Steve Chapman (CEO)

Steve started his career at PwC but soon realised he was far more entrepreneur than accountant and left PwC to launch his first startup, a social-commerce platform and app. It was featured as one of Apple's Top Lifestyle Apps and Stephen was featured in The Australian and BRW and recognised as one of Australia's Top 25 Entrepreneurs Under 25 by Startup Smart in 2013. Stephen subsequently met and started an entrepreneurial apprenticeship with ACT Young Australian of the Year and serial entrepreneur, Dr Sam Prince in 2013. 


Sam founded the QSR Mexican restaurant chain Zambrero as a medical student in 2005 which he grew rapidly to over 200 restaurants globally by 2019. Sam has a long list of awards for his success in business and aid-work including 2012 ACT Young Australian of the Year,  2012 Ernst & Young ACT Entrepreneur of the Year, the Junior Chambers International ‘Outstanding Young Person of the World’ 2008. 

Our Team Values


The road to success is not accessible without the will to work hard and create opportunities for yourself to get ahead. 


It’s always important to remember where you started, where you came  from. We must continue our hard work when our big moments grow into success. 


When we talk about ‘smart’, it’s not just about your IQ. We  mean being emotionally intelligent, having an awareness of the world  around you and trusting your gut.


We are fiercely loyal to our customers and each other in the team. We will be there every step of the way on your journey to success.


Small improvements everyday can compound and create significant progress over time. We adopt a constant growth mindset.

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