Life as a university student can be expensive. For those who move away from home, the dent in their wallets is even bigger. Rent, Wi-Fi, electricity, water; it can be a little overwhelming.

As the bills pile up, we often wonder how we can keep on top of it all. Getting a part-time job in retail or hospitality like everyone else can be difficult, in terms of finding someone who will hire you and inserting your job into your busy schedule. We can often miss out on social events that make our time at university the best years of our lives.

Instead, we can always to look at the alternatives. We’ve mentioned a few side hustles for students to consider before, but here’s a few more abstract ideas.

Taking Your Hobbies To The Next Level

We all have those passions and talents we often keep as a hobby. Some of us are even lucky even to be during them in our studies. Some of these include writing, graphic design, photography, singing or even baking. Why not use those talents to make a bit of cash? For example, you may have a friend who is developing a website. If you have a bit of a knack for web design, you could offer a helping hand for a small price. Taking odd jobs, such as photographing birthday parties or weddings can also help pay the bills.


Coaching can work for you in a similar way. You may have been the star player of your football or netball team in high school, or one of the best dancers in your class. You can always pass on your wisdom and sporting tips to some of kids in your old sporting teams or dance class as a coach. Giving individual lessons to some who may be struggling is another ideal way to roll in some extra cash. Musicians can also sell their skills by offering lessons to family friends and neighbours. It’s a great way to create your own hours without taking out valuable study time.

Spring Clean Your Box Of Study Notes

Speaking of study, do you still have old study notes saved on your computer? You can sell your hard work to those who have yet to take the unit. Your concise notes may be just what they need to understand the course better. Feel free to throw in some tutoring while you’re at it.

Event Promotion

As any public relations student knows, the key to any successful event is promotion. In the age of social media, a simple status update can go a long way. Those with a huge social media following would be prime targets for anyone holding a huge event and need to get the word out. You don’t have to be a social media buff to get into promotion. It can be as simple as handing out pamphlets or chatting to people on campus. Get the hang of event promoting from helping out as a volunteer and see if you have the gift of the gab.

Become A Brand Ambassador

I'll admit, this way isn't as easy as the rest of your options. That being said, no one said you can't give it a go.

Working with your favourite brands can be a great way to afford the stuff you want, as well as the essentials. Popular bloggers and social media influences are often contacted by brands for product placement deals in exchange for a bit of cash. This idea, however, takes a lot of time to get started and involves heaps of unpaid practice. This is necessary to get you noticed in a very competitive market and help you gain followers. 

Fashion brand ASOS has created opportunities for students to help promote their brand, allowing them the time to do so while studying. Their role involves some offline work to create the best strategies to promote their brand, doing things such as talking to people about ASOS and spreading awareness of the brand around their campus. If you chose you try this, make sure you chose a brand you really believe in and can commit to using/ drinking/ eating/ wearing their products as often as possible.

Don’t settle for the obvious answer. Take a chance and put yourself in charge of your own expenses. You could also learn a few valuable lessons. The other option is moving back home if you can. If you need some convincing, here are some pros and cons.