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It’s estimated that we spend approximately 4.7 hours a day using our phones[1], and as a university student we know time is valuable – a point that is really driven home when we’re up till 3am cramming for an exam. So to make the time spent with our heads buried in our smartphones more productive for our academic career and general student life, instead of scrolling mindlessly through Instagram, next time you’re glued to your phone open up one of these apps instead.

So whilst being a student in the tech age comes with many distractions, it also comes with many opportunities, and so we’ve provided the five essential apps to make student life easier.

Whether you want to get that 4.0 GPA you've always dreamed of, or find the best coffee on campus, here are the apps all Uni students should have downloaded in their phone – no mention of Tinder here.

Study blue:

Study on the move with Study Blue. Study Blue is essentially like having a study group on your smartphone, with the app allowing you to connect to your university and share flash cards with students in your courses, as well as access previously shared study materials. Store notes, flash cards and other study materials – you can even add images and audio to notes. Especially useful for visual learners who process information best from such methods, Study Blue’s main draw of flash cards is also a simple and effective way to test yourself, allowing you to study smarter. Study Blue makes studying on the go easy, so next time you’re glued to your phone to avoid eye contact with strangers on public transport, open up Study Blue to fit some study into your day and make your commute more productive.

Free in App Store.


Keep on top of your ever-growing pile of assessments and the looming threat of exams with 'Studious'. The app allows you to keep track of assignments, required reading and exams, as well class schedules. Plan out your study sessions, colour co-ordinate tasks due for each course and scan documents to print straight from your phone. With all these features in a simple and engaging layout, now you have no excuse to fall behind on coursework.

$1.49 in App Store.

Lost on Campus:

Most of us have ended up in the wrong lecture room or tutorial only to have to try and surreptitiously sneak out without anyone noticing - made even more embarrassing when you're a third year. And if you're one of the lucky few who've never experienced this, now you never have to thanks to 'Lost on Campus'.

Navigating campus has never been easier with ‘Lost on Campus’. Search for lecture theatres, tutors offices, tutorial rooms and labs, with a compass to point you in the right direction. Lost on campus also allows you to find the hidden study spots, short cuts to actually get to class on time, and where the best food and coffee on campus is – as voted by students themselves.

Not being able to find the lecture theatre is now one less excuse you can use to skip them.

Free in App Store.

Easy Bib:


Bibliographies are arguably the most frustrating painful part of essays – especially if you’re pulling an all nighter. Often we leave them until last when we just want them to be over and done but now Easy Bib does all the hard work for you, building your bibliography as you go. The instant citation generator provides accurate referencing every time, supporting all major reference styles, even allowing you to download your universities preferred style straight to the app. With instant academic references created simply by scanning your textbooks barcode, there’s no longer a need to lug library books home simply to reference them, whilst Easy Bib also allows you to add attachments so you can always refer to useful articles for future assessments.

So stop losing easy marks with proper referencing made simple by Easy Bib.  

Free in App Store.

Uni Calculator:

Failed an assessment and worried this will mean you failed the subject? Or do you want to know far off that elusive High Distinction you actually are? Uni calculator breaks down exactly how much you need to get in your next assessment in order to pass and works out what mark you’re currently sitting on. Simply enter your marks and percentage each assessment is worth, and it’ll show you where you’re sitting for the semester. So whether you’re using it to track your progress and see how your goals for the semester are going, or are panicking about a bad mark and want to know if need to resign yourself to repeating the subject, Uni calculator provides the information necessary to motivate you to kick your study habits into gear and to delegate your time towards units most effectively.


Free in App Store.

Whilst you may have to pay for the full version of some of these apps, the benefit they’ll have on student life will pay off in the long run.