Time is the number one killer for a healthy body and a healthy mind. Fast food outlets were birthed on the human need to settle hunger cravings quick without the effort of preparing a meal. The rise of this trend over the last 50 years has seen a rapid increase in obesity levels and a willingness to disregard the body’s nutritional requirements.

Convenience is the biggest factor in influencing restaurants like McDonald's, KFC, Subway and Dominos to become the powerhouses that they are today. People ignore the fat content and unhealthy benefits in these foods in favour of a meal that saves time. Fortunately we have discovered fast food outlets that will not only provide wholesome quick meals, but also transform you from a hangry goblin into a ray of sunshine in no time.

The growing trend of fitness regimes and healthy eating has seen the Australian food scene make way for successful franchises that promote positive eating habits. Social media influencers have paved a need for the revolution of the current take-away food landscape and usher in an opportunity for new outlets to flourish.

Take a look through the following list that we have provided of fast food outlets that won't break the bank or the belly. These are all healthy alternatives with a menu that will leave you in a food coma for days without any of that nasty eating regret.


Thr1ve stylised with a number ‘one’ because clearly it is the main pioneer in healthy fast food outlets is described as offering ‘real food, real fast’. Already established in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra, it has vastly grown from the market need for healthy eating options.

This eating option features a unique delicious menu of quality produce and proteins, locally sourced that is always gluten free with no added sugar. Designed with high performance nutrition, Thr1ve aims to allow customers to indulge in popular food items that won’t leave you in debt and a food hangover.

Unlike traditional fast food outlets, Thr1ve seeks to eliminate the confusion and inconvenience of eating well on the go. Growing from a consumer’s want of more healthier options this alternative beats a greasy maccas run any day.

Top Menu Pick: The pikelet style ‘paleo’ pancakes are a great breakfast protein option with coconut yoghurt that will only set you back a measly $6. Of Course you can add a little maple syrup but something tells us it's already something sweet without the naughty.


Roll’D is another fast food alternative that is starting to explode on the Australian food court scene. Marketed as Vietnamese street food, this brings the freshness of a local market with a healthy twist option.

If you haven’t caught the hint from the name of this franchise, it is widely renowned for its variety of rice paper rolls. Created with an express lane just for this healthy babies, Roll’s has provided a healthy food option that is extremely nutritious with a variety that is far from boring. So now there are zero excuses for not being able to stick to that diet, even when you walk into a food court.

Top Menu Pick: Billed as low carb options, Roll’d have specifically crafted rice paper rolls that are concocted to keep those calorie intakes low and satisfaction feelings high. The poached chicken or barramundi rolls are exotic flavours that won’t crack the wallet or throw that diet out of whack.

Image: RollD. Vietnasmese Street Food's Facebook Page

Nutrition Station

The name says it all with Nutrition Station offering a one-stop healthy haven for fitness fanatics and foodies alike. Popping up all over the country these locations are pioneering the way people can eat on the go.

Perfect for a post gym feed or as a venue for a long time overdue meeting with an old friend, Nutrition station proves that health and social can both coexist together. It is extremely competitive with pricing offering innovative and decadent products such as high protein pancakes, organic and nutritional meals and not to mention superfood smoothies.  

Nutrition Station clearly prides itself on offering health conscious individuals with a location where their needs can be satisfied. It's a sure fire bet that this place will leave you feeling healthy rather than guilty.

Top Menu Pick: Now if your fitness regime permits it and you need those gains then you should not pass up the chance to dig into the ‘Lean and Clean Chicken Burger’. At only $13.95 your feeding your body that healthy meal with enough protein to reenergise your body and soul.


There must be a god when the taste and flavours of mexican food can be infused into a healthy eating option. Zambrero offers a healthy, modern mexican paradise with tacos, burritos, nachos and quesadillas with a clean fresh twist.

As a quick-service restaurant this alternative is a place that merges health with flavour allowing eaters to not stray from their fitness lifestyles. Using nutritious superfood ingredients their menu is extremely versatile with gluten, dairy free and vegan options. So unless you binge and consume more than a normal serving size there is no possible way you can walk out of here feeling bloated and unhealthy.

Not to mention you can also kill two birds with one stone by satisfying your dietary needs whilst also helping donate meals across Africa with their ‘Plate 4 Plate’ initiative.

Top Menu Pick: If you suddenly feel the urgent need to visit a Zambrero likely close to you then ignore every other option and go straight to the ‘Power Burrito’. Packed with essential superfoods like black rice, amaranth and spirulina whilst wrapped in a black rice tortilla makes it hard to find something healthier than this anywhere!

Clearly we have discovered there is a rapid rise in the availability of healthy fast-food alternatives in Australia. The future is certain with shopping centre food courts and eateries playing host to a growing number of healthy fast food chains. As a result, staying healthy without burning a hole in your wallet is becoming easier with the Australian food scene embracing the trend of combining quick service food with high quality nutritional goodness.



Featured image: Thr1ve's Facebook Page


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