shine+, being Australia’s first cognitive functionality drink,  is always interested in innovation that helps to improve and contribute to the betterment of the way we work and live. We provide you with exciting, ultra-modern purchases to tie in with your professional persona so that you can experience the difference of having a proactive edge in today’s competitive world.

1. 16” Tech Backpack by Cocoon

Cocoon is a company that understands the importance of technology in everyday life with a line of products purely designed as tech storage accessories. The 16” Tech Backpack is as practical as it is unique, with a ‘GRID-IT’ organiser that enables you to store your laptop and iPad as well as your charger, phone, pens, lip balm and earphones.

Features: a padded laptop compartment that accommodates a laptop up to 16”; includes an additional iPad compartment, water resistant exterior, GRID-IT  lining for other gadgets, front pocket and interior document storage.

Price: $89.99

Find it: This particular backpack can be found here on their website, but don’t forget to check out their other products including more backpacks as well as laptop and iPad covers.


2. B&O Play Beoplay A1 Portable Bluetooth Speaker by Apple

Travel with the device that works just as hard as you do. Its flat, round and smooth design is so clever that you can slip it away in a luggage bag and hit the road. Designed with a string handle, the B&O Play Beoplay is so tiny you can pick it up with one hand.

Features: On the speaker there is a connect button, bluetooth button and microphone button as well as two  inputs: mini jack out and a usb c port. These features allow you to answer incoming business calls, mute and unmute the sound, enable voice activation and charge your speaker using a usb cable. The lasting power is 24 hours on moderate volume.

Price: $379.95

Find it: on the Apple website here or try your local Apple store.

3. Twelve South Plugbug World

Does knowing that your phone will never die during the worst of times give you peace of mind? Are you the type to take off on the high road with just your laptop and phone but fear losing connection to the rest of the world? If you answered yes, you need a Plugbug.

Features: A red charger that attaches to your regular Macbook charger so you can charge your laptop and iPad/iPhone simultaneously. PlugBug World has additional international snap-on plugs which turn into a stand-alone USB charger for an iPhone/iPad/iWatch.

Price: $59.95

Find it: online here or try your local Apple store.

4. Phone Pocket Plus by Bellroy

Nowadays, all we really need is our phone and credit card. This is why Bellroy has designed a wallet that will fit your smartphone along with your cards as well as have sections for your keys, sim cards, passport and coins in one compact leather casing. Great for those who are constantly on the go and need their essentials intact.

Features: On the exterior is a beautiful leather casing of your colour choice with a metal zipper. On the interior is storage for 2- 10 cards and room to put your phone, money and a singular key.

Price: $159.95

Find it: on the Bellroy website here.

5.Low Iron Glass Whiteboard by Silverscreen

We always think of fashion as what we wear out on the weekends, but why shouldn’t it include objects that add style to our professional life? Glass whiteboards, if not already, should be the next office trend. Why? They are super stylish, durable and modern. Throw one up in your office or personal workplace for that young, fresh look.

Features: It is made out of  low iron glass; comes in an array of colours and sizes.

Price: $425

Find it: These designer glass boards can be purchased online here.

6. Lifeprint Photo and Video Printer by Apple

With our iPhone always within reach for the next group selfie and to video a concert, it is smart that Apple thought of creating instant memories. Using the Lifeprint printer your memories from Snapchat, instagram, Facebook and your photo library can be printed straight away. If the Cloud can’t store all your memories, let Lifeprint help you hold on to them.

Features: With the purchase of a Lifeprint Printer you will also get a USB charger cable and a pack of 10 photos. Each photo contains a sticky back so you can decorate with them anywhere you wish.

Price: $204.95

Find it: online here or at your local Apple store

7. TYLT VU Wireless charger for iPhone

A stand-up phone charger because having your iPhone on a stand gives it even more superiority… or, at least, the superiority it deserves. This is a fantastic invention as it adds to any workspace and you will be able to use your phone without having to hold it!

Features: A trendy 45-degree desktop stand that works as a wireless charger for your smart phone in portrait or landscape mode. Outfitted with a cool LED status light.

Price: $92
Find it: online at NewEgg

8. Makeup Application Glasses by Zazi

If you’re a glasses wearer and have trouble applying eyeliner and creating eye looks (as if it weren’t difficult enough!) then these glasses are your saviour.

Features: These special makeup glasses contain only one lens that can be switched from left to right so eye makeup can be done.

Price: $19.50

Find it: on the Zazi website here.

Technology can teach us many things: how to improve focus when there are so many distractions or how to declutter your life in a time of mass-consumerism. Stay up to date with the world’s current pace and keep your life smooth and streamlined at the same time. With tech gadgets, you get the best of both worlds.


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