Overcoming Your First Failure: A Start-up Story

“You shouldn’t have quit your job”

“You’re running out of savings and time" 

“You don’t have what it takes to succeed”

You probably have thought these things at some point. Perhaps someone close to you has yelled them at you while you manically work late into the night trying to give your business life. You find yourself hanging onto the financial cliff edge, about to fall, bootstrapping your way towards your wildest dreams and constantly burning yourself out.

You are not alone

It’s 2013 and a young Australian entrepreneur has built an online marketplace app. It makes Apples list of Top Lifestyle Apps and was downloaded countless times in the first month. The young entrepreneur makes Australia’s top 25 under 25, but as some of us may have experienced, it all vanished from beneath him as quickly as it appeared.

He may have said to himself:

“You shouldn’t have quit your job”

“You’re running out of savings and time”

“You don’t have what it takes to succeed”

Now I can’t tell you exactly why it didn’t work. But what I can tell you is, he definitely wished he could have another go. An opportunity to work humbler and smarter.

This is definitely a story most of us can relate to

We look back on our failed business attempts and just wish we could have another go. Hindsight can be a beautiful thing, but in this case, it’s part of the devastation we all feel in the weeks, months or potentially years after our business collapses. 

The ability to work smarter is something we all strive for. To increase our productivity, the effectiveness of our time and more importantly, our chances of success.

All of us would surely pay for this ability.

But ask yourself, what would you pay? $20? $100? $1000? $10,000?

What about less than $5? Of course, you would pay that. 

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What’s better? The entrepreneur in the previously mentioned story, Stephen Chapman, he is the man behind it. After feeling he was unable to unlock his full potential, he invented the key and has dedicated the last few years to creating products that help others unlock theirs. 

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