The humble podcast has recently gone from niche to mainstream, now offering an abundance of free, engaging content on options on every imaginable topic. If you’re a podcast newbie and don’t know where to start we’ve provided you with a list of podcasts to make you smarter – and that in most cases have nothing to do with your degree. So if you’re burnt out from uni and want interesting subject matter to reignite your passion for learning, or simply want to make your commute to uni more productive and listen to something that’s going to motivate, inspire and educate you, then give these podcasts a go. Covering topics such as science, the human experience and productivity, these podcasts will increase your academic, practical and general knowledge.

  •      TED Radio Hour- You’d be hard pressed to find a TED Talk that doesn’t inspire you or encourage you to think outside the box in some way, and TED Radio hour is no different. Centered on themes ranging from love, death and our place in the universe, TED Radio hour is thought provoking to say the least. Interviewing speakers from the TED stage to provide further insight on both the speaker themselves and the topic, this podcast inspires and educates, and is a must-listen for anyone wanting to enhance their way of thinking.
  •      The Daily Boost- Offering up advice on how to boost productivity, find out what truly makes you happy, network like a pro, advance your career, and be all around more successful, The Daily Boost is essential listening for anyone looking to better themselves. Whether you’re looking to set yourself up for success, or stop procrastinating, the Daily Boost helps you to work smarter not harder to achieve a more fulfilling life.
  •      Smart People Podcast- Reaching out to those at the top of their game and the best in their field, the Smart People Podcast interviews some of the greatest minds to pick their brain and pass that information along to us mere mortals. Interviewing the best in their field, from Nobel Prize winners to athletes, tech innovators to porn stars, you’re always going to hear something from a fresh perspective and enrich your mind.
  •      Radio Lab- A show about curiosity, Radio Lab seamlessly blends science and humor to provide mind-opening revelations in an absorbing and thought provoking podcast. With episodes on the relationship between humans and robots, to a look at the science behind cats surviving falls out of windows, you’ll never finish an episode without learning something you never realized you wanted to learn.
  •      Back to Work- Back to Work offers gems of wisdom to get you on your way to being more productive and efficient. Whether it be at work or at uni, Back to Work provides you with a framework for success, with tips to ensure you thrive and succeed.
  •      College Info Geek- Study hacks, advice on how to make money whilst at uni, build a personal brand and beef up your CV are at your fingertips with the College Info Geek podcast. With advice from those who’ve experienced all the challenges that university has to offer, and come out on the other side successful, this podcast is one that all uni students should take advantage of.
  •      Freakonomics- Simultaneously intelligent and accessible, Freakonomics takes looking at subjects from a fresh angle to a whole new level, finding connections between seemingly unrelated things. Did you ever consider the link between indoor plumbing and obesity? Well after this you sure will. Freakonomics makes you ask yourself questions you’ve never considered.
  •      Stuff you should know- Answering the most off the wall questions you’ve never even considered, this podcast will satisfy the most curious of minds. Providing answers to questions such as what happens when one of your limbs is removed, and how cockroaches work, this is the perfect choice for when you want to learn but you don’t know exactly what.

So whilst Serial may have been your gateway drug, these Podcasts are well worth the listen if you’re looking to learn something new on your commute.