shine+ prides itself on the idea of constant self-improvement. With focus and careful preparation, when the next #BigMoment comes, you'll be ready. In mid-February of 2017, we saw to take that belief and do something extraordinary.

How Ridiculous Guinness World Record Longest Putt

With shine+ fuelling them along the way, the Australian trick-shot group How Ridiculous (you know, the guys who already broke a record for that basketball shot from the top of a dam in Switzerland) managed to tackle what hasn't been done since 2001.

At 395 feet (120 metres), How Ridiculous' Brett Stanford sank a seamless putt across the green for a hole in one. Successfully doing so at this distance, How Ridiculous has managed to break the Guinness World Record gone untouched since Fergus Muir bombed a putt at 375 feet (114 metres). 

After their outrageous accomplishment, the guys went crazy--and so did everyone else. They've already been seen their video get mentions and reposts on ESPN, Fox Sports, SMH, Golf Digest. They even had an interview with Australia's very own Sunrise Channel 7.

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