Exercise can be a great addition to your day; not only for the physical benefits, but it also encourages a positive mindset. While many people enjoy a good workout, sometimes they need a bit of a push to get going.

We have come up with a few different ways to make the decision to put in your 30 minutes a day a little bit easier.

Wake Up Early

Many people skip their workout because they do not have the time to fit it into their busy schedule. An easy way to create some more time is waking up earlier. The time of day you exercise affects when you will be more able to solve problems, so exercising before work will allow you to better focus on the tasks ahead (Hidalgo, Camozzato, Cardoso, Preussler, Nunes, Tavares, Posser and Chaves, 2002). An early start might seem difficult at first, but, trust me, watching the sunrise as you stretch each morning isn't the worst way to begin your day.  

Give yourself a task to do

Hit back at the little voice telling you that working out is a “waste of time” by setting yourself a few errors to complete while exercising. For example, let’s say you need to pick up a couple of things at the shops. You can make a pit stop on your way back from your mid-morning run. Maybe there’s a gym near your beautician or hairdresser. Make it a routine to stop by before your appointments.

Work out with a friend

Your friends aren’t doing their job right unless they’re constantly pushing you to be at your best. This is why working out with them can be better, and cheaper, than hiring a personal trainer. You can set competitions, share your fitness secrets or teach them a new technique that you’ve learnt. Plus, it would be a great way to catch up when your schedules get busy.

Set a goal

If you’re ambitious and competitive by nature, or would like to be, this is perfect for you. Working out can become boring when you’re doing the same thing day after day. Once you’ve mastered something, step it up a bit. By taking the longer route for your run or raising the amount of push ups in your warm up from 20 to 30, you can smash your personal best. Set the bar higher so you’ll have something to work towards. This can also help you give yourself a new edge that can be helpful in your professional life.   

Put on your activewear

Simple, but it works for some people. It’s amazing how quickly your attitude can change from putting on a particular outfit. Female For Life explains provides a few reasons why this occurs. Wearing the right clothing can not only “get you in the right headspace to work out”, but the comfort of the clothing can influence the little voice in your head that tells you to push yourself harder. For some added motivation, switch on some music to pump yourself up while you are getting ready.

Make it a crucial part of your routine

Do you ever have to add brushing your teeth to your morning to do list? No, you automatically do it because it’s a part of your routine. Adding your workout to your routine can help it to become a permanent fixture of your daily life without you even realising it. By getting into the habit of doing something every day, you can ensure you’re getting your 30 minutes on a regular basis. 

The next time you consider skipping your daily workout, use these tips to try to find a little motivation and push yourself to get going.



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