To Professionals Who Drink Coffee

It’s Monday morning. The alarm blasts at 6:30am. You get up and get dressed. You brush your teeth and scoff down whatever food you can find. Take too long, and you’ve missed your train. You get to work and see 37 unopened emails.

And all you’re thinking is… “I NEED COFFEE”.

We have all relied on it at some point. To help us wake up. And to help us focus and power through daily tasks. For us professionals, those tasks need to be done quickly and done right. Do this consistently and it could lead to a promotion.

 All of this shows how important a clear mind is. Today we need to be able to think on our feet. We need to be able to remember facts and figures. We need to be able to analyse data. And we need to be competitive, if we are to climb the professional ladder.
If our mind is such an important tool for success, why do we rely on one thing to keep it sharp? An athlete does not perform only one exercise to sharpen their body. Sure, because it’s cheap, but isn’t success worth a little bit more than $3.50.
Well what if we said a growing group of people are sharpening their minds another way? Finding daily success, for only $4.90.

Those people have discovered Smart Drinks. 

Shine+ is a Smart Drink. People drink it because of the effects of the natural compounds that it contains. The ingredients enhance brain function, improve working memory and reduce mental fogging. All of which, cannot be achieved by drinking coffee alone.
Coffee also does not solve the midday crash. The ingredients in Shine+ do. It contains something called L-theanine. This works together with the small amount of caffeine (35mg) in Shine+. Less caffeine than in a cup of coffee. The result removes the jitters, anxiety and crash that occurs after the buzz dies down. Instead, regular drinkers describe the feeling as...

“a clean focus with a gentler come down”.

Something we as young professionals also deal with daily is stress. Stress because of your boss. Stress from meeting deadlines. Even the physical stress we endure after a big weekend. Shine+ contains another substance called Adaptogens which decrease stress at a cellular level. It brings the body back to a normal state.
Now you might ask yourself, “how come I have not heard of this before?”. That’s because Shine+ is the first Smart Drink ever created. And more and more people are catching on and substituting their daily coffee for a daily Shine+. I guess someone must have drunk the 300,000 bottles they’ve sold in one year.

Wouldn’t you like to feel the added health benefits that coffee cannot provide? By all means coffee is still great, but what if the person who gets that promotion was only spending $1.40 more?

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